Watershed UGA is a subset of the UGA Office of Sustainability. It’s mission is to promote the wellbeing and conservation of UGA’s and Athen’s watershed systems. Our waterways have been compromised through industrialization and urban growth and Watershed UGA’s goal is to find a middle ground between urban need and the water’s health so that our water systems can be sustained in the long term. Because many of our streams have been moved underground current focus is on ‘Daylighting’ our streams so that people can learn more about them.

“Watershed UGA is wanting to “daylight” the University of Georgia’s campus streams. In starting this project, Watershed UGA is hoping to obtain more attention towards the streams that flow right underneath the feet of students and professors as they make their way around campus. Sparked interest and support could come from the University body and Athens community to continue the protection and restoration of these valuable streams once they are discovered by the public.”