An i0S Application That Bring UGA's Watershed's to Light

Our client, Watershed UGA, is part of the Office of Sustainability at the University of Georgia. They presented us witht the problem of limited awareness of the presence and convervation of the watersheds located on UGA's campus. Our solution was to develop a native i0S app that would promote conversation through recreation. As part of our solution, we partnered with Vestigo, a local Athens start-up to integrate their adventure sharing platform with our educational awareness platform.

Our native app was created using Apple's Swift programing software, and contains an interactie map of locations around Athens that contain outdoor events and activities that users can participate in. We also created an events tab using a Google Calendar to allow users to easily see a list of all volunteer and recreational events happening around Athens.

People tend to care about what they love and our mission is spreading this love by teaching conservation through recreation. Providing the Athens community with a way to interact with and enjoy parts of our watersheds will hopefully lead to a greater sense of respect for the watersheds.